MCC Omaha

I grew up as a Roman Catholic. I had a good Catholic education through most of elementary and high school. After my military stint (and yes, okay, I admit it, a failed marriage.) I sought to become a Catholic priest; hence my time at a Catholic seminary.

But upon graduation from St. Meinrad, I felt alienated from the Catholic Church. My own church home in Omaha at the time was very supportive, but the hierarchy of the church had begun to express itself in such hateful manner that I could no longer bring myself to honor that part of my life. In my love for the church, I left. Some things, when broken, are just too broken to even try repairing.

I found a new home at MCC Omaha, a congregation of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. I have felt welcomed and loved in this community of faithful, loving Christians ever since. See my recent article in it?s July Connections, the monthly newsletter.

Involved in much of the life of this congregation, I served on it?s Strategic Planning Committee from 1999 - 2001, and on the Board of Directors from 2001 to 2005. In 2006, I joined the Council of Ministries, and served as Minister of Worship until 2008. Now I no longer serve in any leadership position, contenting myself with the practice of enjoying worship, and being fed by the community. Perhaps one day I shall return to a more active leadership role.

Most, if not all, my closest friends are from this community of faith. Meet Carla & Sharon, Karla & Treasure, Tony, Merle & Monty. Our pastor, Rev. Thomas Emmett III, has been with us since early 2007 and has done wonderful things with our worship and our community.