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My path first crossed Scott's in 1995. We started our friendship long distance, chatting in an AOL chat-room. I was spending some time at a college in Indiana working on a Masters Degree. He lived in Omaha, Nebraska. After a couple of months, we met. We hung out a lot that first summer, before I returned to complete my degree.

When I returned permanently to Nebraska, I needed a place to stay, and Scott needed a larger apartment, so we pooled resources and moved in together.

But, my journey began in this area. Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, I grew up across the river in Omaha. I attended Rockbrook Elementary, and later Mary Our Queen School. In 1973, I entered high school, attending Mount Michael Benedictine High School through my Junior year. While in many ways what this excellent school taught me was very important, in trying to reconcile the reality of my experience there with the rosy lenses of hindsight, I realize that in all, it would have been an experience best forgone. Current and future wholeness makes it best I forget those years. My senior year, I attended Westside High School.

After graduation from high school, I spent the summer in Kenya, East Africa, as an exchange student with AFS. My host family helped me with one of those forks we often encounter. The experience assisted me in addressing truthfully the assumptions of my youth. In many ways my life was very altered. I realized what a marvelous country I hail from, and came to a deep appreciation for the privileges that my life in the USA afforded me. But I also came to realize the richness of the many cultures of the world. It is perhaps this realization that helps me perceive the world about me, and life in general, as a stained-glass window or mosaic... when a part falls out or is damaged, the whole loses a bit of it?s luster.

After returning to the United States, I worked for a semester in retail, long enough to realize that wasn't my life. I entered Creighton University in the spring of 1978. The following semester, I transferred to Kearney State College, now known as University of Nebraska, Kearney. Not able to settle down, after 2 years, I again transferred my credits, to complete my degree at California State University, Sacramento.I graduated in December 1982 with a Bachelor's Degree in History, minoring in Military Science.

The next four years I wrestled with my demons, and served in the US Army, attaining an Active Duty rank of 1st Lieutenant. The entire duty was spent between Fort Eustis, Virginia, and Fort Story, Virginia; however I did get to spend about 2 months in Hawaii on TDY.

I left Active Duty in 1987, and entered the Reserves, attaining the rank of Captain. In 1994, I finally separated from the service completely. I have some fond memories of the military, and maybe I'll share them at a later date.

From 1987 until 1994, my life was active and varied, but other than to a few close friends, not very noteworthy, with one exception.During the summer of 1993, I spent a week backpacking through Zion National Park in Southern Utah. While I was accompanied on this trip by a friend, we were not really well suited to hiking together. He was in much better shape, and a faster hiker. We tended to meet up for meals, and to pitch camp. The remainder of the time we hiked by ourselves. And while I know I complained a lot during those 5 days, I also know I finished the trip with a lot of personal satisfaction and a bit of pride that I had made it!

In 1994, I entered St. Meinrad School of Theology in southern Indiana. I finished my Masters Degree in Catholic Life and Worship in 1996.

Now, I live happily in my 1920 bungalow in Council Bluffs, Iowa, less than a mile from where I began life 50 years ago. The following links spell out what I fill my time with and continue this largely uninteresting saga!