I've always enjoyed camping. There's just something about getting away from home, outside, "roughing" it. I especially enjoyed the backpacking trips I took.

While I was in Seminary, a friend of mine and I went out a couple of times to go camping. We spent nearly a week down in Ashville, North Carolina, up near the Tennessee border, in the Pisgah National Forest.

In 2004, Scott and I decided it was time to get back in to camping. We both agreed that we need to make time for ourselves. Time to relax, do things we like. So, we bought ourselves a reasonably inexpensive, large cabin tent, a stove and a few "essentials".

For our first outing, we set off for the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was Memorial Day weekend; and we went totally unprepared! Assuming that the Black Hills would be about the same temp as Omaha, we merely took some sheets, and a thin blanket... and darn near froze to death!

Things have changed since our first trip. In 2008, we purchased a brand new 2007 Gulfstream Conquest 26 foot travel trailer! And, of course, a new 2008 GMC Sierra to tow it! Camping, our style, is no longer a "reasonably inexpensive" hobby... nor is it roughing it. We have gas heat (watch out Black Hills!) A microwave. Air conditioning. Cable TV (if the campground has it) and generally wi-fi.

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