New Mexico

This year Scott and I planned a "Really Big Vacation." We had intended to depart for this trip in May. But being laid off in January by "The Evil Corporation" threw a bit of a kink in those plans... so, we pushed the vacation up a couple of months. We spent two weeks camping in New Mexico. We blogged about this trip rather extensively, and links to those blog entries can be found in our Camping page. (Check over there on the right under "interests." Once you get to the Camping page, look under "links."


June was an exciting month from a Trippin' perspective. In 1992, MCC Omaha moved in to it's current location and at the time, a new altar and pulpit were dedicated. Over the years, our congregation has loved these pieces of liturgical furniture, but times change. Our worship style changed... the altar and pulpit were no longer fitting our style of worship, and so begrudgingly they went in to storage. Our new (well, nearly 3 years new...) pastor set about to find a good church home for these pieces, one where they could be appreciated as dearly as they are in Omaha. A home was located at MCC Montana in Great Falls, MT. But we didn't just want to ship them off. So, along with our friends, Carla & Sharon, on Wednesday, June 24, the altar and pulpit were loaded in to the back of our pickup trucks and the next morning, the four of us set out up I29 through Iowa, to I90 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. From there we headed west along I90 through South Dakota into and through Wyoming to Billings, Montana, then up Route 87 to Great Falls. After a two day trip, we arrived on the evening of June 26th.

Saturday morning a large work crew of about 5 people arrived, and in quick order, the altar and pulpit were reassembled in their new home!


The Fourth of July weekend found Scott and Eric back on the road. This time it was to Branson, Missouri, for the Hays Family Reunion. Every year, the Hays Family gathers in Branson to reconnect. It's always a lot of fun to go to these events.


Once again,Scott and Eric joined Pastor Tom and our friend Ray for Rendezvous2009 in Medicine Bow National Forest, 40 some miles west of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Rendezvous is Wyoming's Pride event for the year. MCC Omaha has, for the past 2 years... and our pastor has for the past 5 years... provided a Saturday Morning Worship Service. Also joining us this year were our friends Juline and Cindy, and Linda and Susie of Brenner/Beckstead Ministries. Rendezvous is for us like Las Vegas for others... what happens in Wyoming.... STAYS in Wyoming!

However, for a little about the week, you can read the following blog entries:

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Scottsdale, Arizona

For our final trip of 2009, Scott and Eric flew to Scottsdale, Arizona, for the SASY Family Reunion. Every year, the SASY Family gathers for a reunion somewhere in the country. SASY is an acronym for the "Stewart, Andersen, Schmaedecke & Yates Families, all descendants of Benedict Joseph Wobbe. We had a great time reconnecting with all Eric's brothers and cousins!